Final Week Toward a Healthier You!

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So how was this little experiment for you?  Did you learn anything new about yourself? 


I guess for myself, I (really) realized when I am stressed or tired my routine goes out the door.  Thinking realistically when setting goals is a major key to becoming successful.  Setbacks happen, life happens so how can you overcome those obstacles?

I hope you keep making simple, small and realistic goals to help improve your health. 



Again, if I could sell motivation in a pill I would be a millionaire.  What motivates you? Is it your health, your family?  I realize now why some people are afraid for me to take their biometrics (blood pressure, cholesterol,etc), they are scared of the results and then having to actually follow through with improving their diet would be a nightmare.  Really?!  So if you don’t know your cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc – get them checked!  If you do know your readings then work hard to make them the best!


Remember you are doing this for you!

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