Week 2 of 6 Weeks to a Healthier You

Wow, does time sure fly!  The middle of the program or the hump seems to be the most challenging.  I don’t know about you but I was slowly maintaining my goals and then the weekend came and I just wanted to sleep!  Watch out, when you are tired your hormones may cause you to crave fattening food.  You may also think you are hungry but again it could be hydration, ugh! 

Saturday hit which was an exhausting day and I didn’t want to cook or do anything.  We ended up ordering some garlic cheese sticks from a pizza place which we never do – I can’t even remember the last time we ordered pizza!  But there is always time for every food, I am sure my portion size was a bit much because I could tell my body was not used to that greasy food after I ate it.  Again my body was telling me what it needs.


So what, get back on the train again and keep on moving!  What are your goals this week?  Challenge yourself a bit more and increase your exercise activity or increase your veggies intake again.  Whatever it may be – challenge yourself to the fullest!


Even though we will be on a mini vacation this weekend, my food goal is to pack some nutrient-packed foods and to avoid those beloved fast food restaurants.  I was thinking about packing some lettuce wraps, veggies, hummus and fresh fruit (oh yeah and maybe some portioned chips – always need a crunch!).


And for my exercise goal, I am going TO exercise this weekend while I am away – which is always the hardest when you are not in your usual surroundings.


Challenge yourself!

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