Week 3–Half way to a healthier you!

As these weeks fly by, I hope you are at least becoming aware of certain habits you make in your daily lifestyle.  As we slowly take healthier steps, it should be a wake up call to get started! 


As for myself, things have been going pretty well but I do want to you let you know I definitely did take some time to enjoy myself this past weekend.  I took a couple days off my workout regimen and also indulged in when my husband said we should go out for ice cream!  I did enjoy a mini snickers blizzard (yes, mini it was the perfect size).  But now back on the horse, yesterday I worked out but did fun activities such as Zumba on kinnect!  Don’t cut yourself too short, give yourself some time relax but that doesn’t mean that each day is a new day and you can keep on going with achieving your goals to be a healthier you!


This week find another simple nutrition and exercise goal to focus on.


Nutrition goal for myself is probably going to go back and visit my hydration, I just seem to get too busy to not keep up my water intake.


Exercise goal – Finish getting ready for a road race this weekend.  Finish up those intervals!

Good luck to you this week and tell yourself that you deserve this!