Homemade Reduced Sodium Taco Meat Recipe

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Make is simple and forget the taco seasoning packet – try this recipe!



1 lb ground hamburger

8 oz can organic tomato sauce

1 tsp hot sauce

1-2 tbsp Mrs. Dash fiesta lime seasoning


organic tomato sauce

(Organic tomato sauce has a richer tomato flavor  – plus it contains 2-3 times more antioxidants)


Brown meat until brown.  Add sauces and seasonings, cook for 2 minutes or until heated through.


Super simple!


I used shredded baby spinach leaves, ranch dressing and these awesome chips!


EF_organic_baby_spinachkettle cheddar tiasbolthouse ranch dresing



Another tortilla but this one is the lowest in sodium that  have seen in a while – only 85 mg sodium (most tortillas are 300 or more!)  One tortilla is only 60 calories; 11 g carbs; 7 g fiber; 0g sugar; 6 g protein!



Make taco night delicious and super healthy!!! 

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