6 Weeks to a Healthier You!

Ok, join me on “cleaning” up my life and making healthier habits stick!  It is a only 6 weeks till the fourth of July, which is right in the middle of summer and no one wants to start a new lifestyle then so we are getting ready to looking and feeling your best!


This week’s goal – CLEAN!   I am not talking about cleaning your diet but cleaning out an old closet or cleaning out your car.  We are literally cleaning up our lifestyle so we can focus next on one thing – clean eating!


Yesterday I did a great job of cleaning out the van (even shampooing the rugs!) and we also cleaned our garage and basement!  So the rest of the this week I have the upstairs to do.  My only foodie goal for this week is drinking more water, next week we will do more!


I will share all my goals – successes and failures through this journey!  It should be fun, let’s do it together!

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