Drink Up! A great way to drink more water!

I always have this problem – not getting enough water in each day and come home dehydrated.  Maybe it is because I don’t take enough time to drink water or sometimes it is just not what I want and I may chose something like coffee instead. 


But this weekend I bought this – Healthy Steps Water Infuser!


Healthy Steps Water Ball Infuser - Make All Natural Citrus or Herbal Infused Drinks

Amazon – Healthy Steps Water Infuser


I sliced up an organic lemon (remember we are ingesting the skins) and put it in this little ball.  I drank my water pretty good today since the water tasted so yummy.  Sometimes I even added a couple of packets of TRUE ORANGE to really enhance the flavor!  


Remember about 75% of the time when you think are hungry you are actually thirsty – this is sooo true for me as I reach for the cupboard or the frig instead of filling up a glass of water.


Such a nice little invention – try it out if you have the same problem!