A Mind Game–Tell yourself, “You CAN!”

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If you think you can’t do something, then you probably won’ be able to accomplish that goal but if you think positive, things might just be different!

This past weekend I ran a half marathon, I will admit my training was not up to par but I decided to go have fun and run it anyway.  Well, around mile 10.5, I was starting to run out of gas and I was thinking I should probably start walking because I was getting tired and my hips and feet were starting to hurt. Then came along a previous runner acquaintance from mile 5 and he focused on positive thinking  – “We are so close, we can close the gap to those people – it is all about mind over matter.”  He was 100% right.  Once I started imagining myself running hard  my feet didn’t’ hurt so bad and I was gaining more energy! Well, I finished the race, without even stopping, it was not my best time but for the training that have done I was pretty satisfied.  With two young kids, I am finding my old ways of training just don’t always get done but that is ok – I am being realistic about things that come up each day and just go with the flow Smile 


If you think you are always going to be fat, then you will!  Do you see yourself in those skinny jeans? 


Think YOU CAN!


It might just make a difference!

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