Favorite Friday Product–Ohgave Raw Blue Agave Nectar

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raw agave


I am getting hooked with agave and especially this particular brand.  Agave nectar is a natural sweetener from the agave plant, blue agave plant that is in this case!  I use this for our pancake syrup instead of imitation maple syrup Smile or ion my toast!


The raw agave actually contains some great antioxidants.  Plus it has a low glycemic index (only 17!) which helps keeps your blood sugar low after you eat it – remember it does contain sugar to be exact 16 grams of sugar per tablespoon!  Just keep it in the right portion size. (FYI – table sugar has a glycemic index of 65 in the medium range)


Use in your oatmeal, on buttered toast, pancakes, waffles, tea or any other place you might use sugar!


I have a wonderful recipe for a homemade dressing that I use this in and will share later – it is to die for!!  I eat sooo many veggies because of a yummy tasting dressing.


Again, this is just another example of bringing back REAL food – real sugar with actual health benefits!

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