Goals, Motivate, Setbacks, Rewards . . .

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I swear when it comes Monday, I go through the same cycle of planning my goals for the week and being super motivated.  Then life hits, the hectic busy lifestyles challenge me to obtain my goals realistically AND keep balance the proper amount of sleep each night.  I realize sometimes I have to have energy in order to do my daily activities and that is where sleep just a necessity.


Another setback that may cause some hiccups in weekly goals are stresses that I encounter each week.  Stress totally causes me to find comfort in food and it can be something so simple such as missing a wrong turn or just plain tired of dealing with same ole stuff.


I guess through this all I have learned that realistically setbacks are apart of the whole succession in achieving goals.  Well, ok then, get back on the horse and get motivated, focused and ready!


Nobody is perfect and perfection is almost impossible that you have to let yourself have some “days” or “meals” off -just make sure to not make it a habit.

Monday is a new day, a new week and new goals!  How can you make this week successful?

I found this article that  is very interesting  10 Ways to Control Craving.



Let’s make this week the best week ever!

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