Monthly Archives: April 2011

Favorite Friday Product–NuGo Bar

Pin It NuGo Website   Need something fast for breakfast or even a snack?  Try this yummy chocolate bar will… Continue reading »

Change it up with colorful cauliflower!

Pin ItAdding a variety of colorful cauliflower may be something you might want to try to brighten up your relish… Continue reading »

Favorite Friday Product–Ohgave Raw Blue Agave Nectar

Pin It   I am getting hooked with agave and especially this particular brand.  Agave nectar is a natural sweetener… Continue reading »

Goals, Motivate, Setbacks, Rewards . . .

Pin ItI swear when it comes Monday, I go through the same cycle of planning my goals for the week… Continue reading »

Check it out! Cooking Across Iowa Comes to Visit Me!

Pin It   Super cool program  where I get to help “makeover” a favorite from awesome guitar player, Ellis Kells… Continue reading »

Favorite Friday Product–Nature’s Harvest Granola

Pin ItOh my goodness, call the portion control police because this granola may get you in a little trouble! I… Continue reading »

Breakfast Pita Pocket–Start your day off right

Pin It  I like to focus on healthy carbohydrates for the every meal especially breakfast.  I know I have shown… Continue reading »