Trim your waistline with the Flat Belly Diet

Trim your waistline with the Flat Belly Diet

Now I am not a big promoter of fad diets but there is some great research found with this diet (and a registered dietitian co-authored). 


I had a friend ask me the other day, “How do I trim down my belly?  Or maybe there is no such thing?”  I said, “Yes there is!  The Flat Belly Diet focuses on eating healthy fats to help trim your waistline!”


Prevention – Flat Belly Diet


Healthy fats include monounsaturated fat coming from nuts, oils, avocados and even dark chocolate!


Here are some of my favorite go-to products to eat in order to get the adequate amount of healthy fats in your diet.  Try to get at least one of these in each day to help down-size your midsection!


omega nuts

They also come in single portions packages – which I love.  Planters has a variety of single-serve packs such as South Beach blend, energy blend and more!  Find your favorite nut and indulge in the perfect portion size. Great for on-the-go!


NV almond crunch

Again, great portion size and they only contain 6 grams of sugar!  The perfect crunchy-sweet snack to help satisfy your sweet-tooth craving!



Avocados- guacamole!   Check out this super simple recipe for guacamole from Gourmet Garden!  They carry of line of herbs in tubes (squirt it out like toothpaste!).  Super simple to use and they last up to six months (in the freezer)!



And of course, there is always room for chocolate, dark chocolate that is!


Hershey’s has a great pack of bars (8 pk) that are the perfect size to satisfy your sweet craving!

hershey's dark choc


Enjoy your favorites AND lose the belly fat!