Burn More Calories–On the Treadmill!

Burn More Calories–On the Treadmill!

I still go by my saying – losing weight or working out needs motivation – just like cleaning the house Smile 


I have a training schedule for a road race and that seems to be the only way for me to get my butt on that treadmill.  Here are some more fun workouts to change things up a bit on that monotonous treadmill.


Fitness Magazine Burn 2000 calories!


This one I absolutely love because it tells you exactly what to do!

Fitness Magazine 20-minute hill workout


Work those glutes! – Glute Sculpting


For all you runners out there – here is another one –Runner’s World


From WebMD 60-minute workout 5 Treadmill workouts


Soon we can take these workouts outside but for now let the treadmill be your coach!