Swimsuit Season is Coming Soon!

Shorts and swimsuits will be here before you know it and remember now is the time to get ready for it! Don’t be stupid and go on a crash diet or skip meals – just eat right! 


If you simply set up your plate like the following you will have not a problem getting into your desired swimsuit gear!


Dole Nutrition


Easy huh?!  Factors to highlight when really wanting to drop some weight:

  • Cut out the white stuff
  • Limit your sweets
  • Go for good carbs – whole wheat breads, pastas, crackers, etc
  • Get some protein in at every meal and snack
  • Shoot for at least 15 grams of protein at each meal
  • Try some lower glycemic index foods (whole grains, sweet potatoes, berries)


Some of my favorites that satisfy my cravings and fill me up –

– Whey protein drink in the morning (with almond milk – lower GI)

– Dark chocolate squares with natural almonds or walnuts

– Whole wheat crackers and natural cheese sticks (not string cheese)

– Yummy, yummy salads!  I like making my own dressing and adding red peppers, mushrooms and the magic touch – feta cheese and sunflower seeds!


I will share some more secrets tomorrow!