Favorite Friday Product–Mission Carb Balance Whole Wheat Tortillas

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carb tortillas

Sometimes when we think of whole wheat or high fiber tortilla we may think it might be more like a frisbee instead of being edible. But this product is wonderful!  You will be able to feel how soft these tortillas really are just by picking up a bag!

For one small tortilla here are the nutrition facts:

80 calories; 2g fat; 1g saturated; 220 mg sodium; 12g carbs; 8g fiber; 3g protein.


These are perfect for wraps or any soft taco.  My daughter was eating one the other day, as well as playing with them and left them out of the package all night.  I thought darn now we wasted the yummy tortillas but I happened to take a bite of them and they were actually good!   Wow, they can also be good tortilla chips too (with no baking!).


Make some fajitas, quesadillas or even a breakfast wrap for a filling and satisfying meal!

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