Simple Tricks for the Perfect Portion of Salad Dressing

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Dressings can be the star of the salad but many times the dressing can just as bad as a fat-laden hamburger and fries.  But don’t go fat free just yet  -  in order to absorb all those good nutrients in your salad, you NEED some fat!  Go with healthy fats such as olive oil base dressing or make your own!  Here are some tips to portion out a the proper amount of dressing!


Try putting your dressing in a squeeze bottle.  Sometimes your dressing may not have a squeeze spout and when you pour it out you get more than you asked for on your salad. Smile



If you don’t want to measure two tablespoons – try using a one-ounce shot class!  This is equivalent to two tablespoons!



Try this handy utensil from Healthy Steps!

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Keep the portion size right and you will have a winning salad!

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