Go Bananas!

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Bananas have had a rough battle as their powerful nutrients are over looked by their natural sugar content.  Bananas are on of the easiest food to pack on-the-go and loaded with a number of heart-healthy nutrients including vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin C and fiber!


Only 110 calories, these little guys have been shown to be helpful in preventing cancers, lowering blood pressure and even aiding in boosting fat metabolism!

The fiber and starch in bananas have been engine to igniting weight loss! It has also been shown that regular consumption of bananas can also help avoid weight gain.


A study from the University of Colorado found that an increase in the amount of resistant starches contained in a meal can significantly increase fat metabolism by replacing 5.4% of ordinary carbs with resistant starch, such as bananas, whole grains or beans, could boot fat burning by up to 30% .

So long banana bashers, bring on the bananas!  Getting down to the basics and bringing back the concept of eating good wholesome food, naturally!




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