Monthly Archives: February 2011

You are only cheating yourself . . .

Pin ItThink about these words and what they mean to you.  Are you someone who doesn’t follow through with your… Continue reading »

Favorite Friday Product–Stash Acai Herbal Berry Tea

Pin It   Nothing better than a light refreshing tea before you go to bed – that is my favorite… Continue reading »

A New Alternative to Soda–Switch!

Pin It   This new drink is pretty cool!  It is made with 100% juice and contains 100% vitamin C… Continue reading »

Favorite Friday Product–Dagoba Chocolates!

Pin It     There is always room for chocolate!   These organic chocolates contain a higher cacao content, which means… Continue reading »

Go Bananas!

Pin ItBananas have had a rough battle as their powerful nutrients are over looked by their natural sugar content.  Bananas… Continue reading »

Love your heart with Nutland!

Pin It Nuts contain a variety of healthy fats that are good for you!  Here is a line that carries… Continue reading »

Getting back on track . . .

Pin ItWhen life gets stressful or hectic what are some of the first things that fall at the bottom of… Continue reading »