Puppy Chow–Made healthy! The perfect after school snack!

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My family loves puppy chow and of course when I use a whole stick of butter I cringe but I think I found a simple substitute!


Last night my daughter and I made this yummy treat!  Here is the recipe that we used.



2 cups multi-grain cereal squares

cooking spray

2 tsp PB2 powder

2 tsp cocoa powder

3 tbsp powder sugar



Place cereal in  pan.  Spray with cooking spray to evenly coat the cereal.  In a bowl combine PB2, cocoa powder and powder sugar.  Sprinkle mixture over cereal and evenly coat.  Place in the frig for at least 30 minutes for flavor to settle.


Super simple!  Yeah!  Here are the products that we used.


cer_cascadia_farm_multi_grain_squares  PB2

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