Stock your frig right! Part II

Stock your frig right! Part II

Back to the fridge in stocking the right foods for the New Year!  I always think about foods that taste good or help make my fruits and veggies taste even better!  Also I consider protein and fiber to be essential nutrients, especially for this time of year when I (everyone) wants to cut down their calorie intake.


Here we go!


1.  Dark leafy greens!  There is always room for a salad or add these wonderful leafy greens to a wrap, smoothie, etc. 



2. Bolthouse Farms Yogurt Dressings -  Now to make those leafy greens taste even better, yes, my favorite dressing!  Most of the varieties are lower in sodium and wonderful flavor!



3.  Old Wisconsin Turkey Snack Sticks -  Ok, I know what you are thinking, really!?  Yes, sometimes you just need to satisfy those cravings with something not too bad!  A bit higher in sodium but they sure are the perfect pick me up for a satisfying snack, just keep to the proper portion size.


old wis turkey bites


4.  Pineapple salsa! – Great for snack and even perfect for complementing your favorite protein!  I love pineapple salsa on salmon and on pork.  The sweet and spicy flavor combo is perfect – plus it is just yummy with chips too!  (this one may not count as a frig necessities but it is in my frig now!)


5. High fiber tortilla or pitas – For a simple meal there always needs to be whole wheat tortillas or pitas – something a bit different than just whole wheat bread.  Make a wrap, tostada, pita pocket (grilled) or even a pizza, the perfect base for a wholesome meal!

My favs of course –

pitas  FO_Original_LowRes  la tort