Favorite Friday Product–Mrs. Mays Naturals

Favorite Friday Product–Mrs. Mays Naturals

mrs mays - cran blue crunch


One thing I have to say about this product is – Oh my!!  They are so extremely good, I was very surprised!  The flavor is outstanding!



Here is a closer look to see what they actually are – just bite-size little nut and fruit clusters packed with a powerful punch!


The perfect little snack to satisfy your sweet and salty cravings!  The website suggest using them as salad toppers, hmm, never thought of that because they are so extremely good by themselves. Smile 


Here are the ingredients (Cranberry Blueberry)  Almonds, Dried Blueberries, Rice Malt, Sesame Seed, Natural Flavors, Cane Sugar, Sea Salt and that is it!


Here are the nutrition facts (Cranberry Blueberry)


Go to their website for a coupon!



I just tried them this week and I am hooked!  Hope you can enjoy them too!  BTW – the Pomegranate Raspberry flavor is wonderful too!