Help I got the munchies! What can I eat?

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Yes, just when I am trying to eat better with the New Year, I seem to keep migrating to the kitchen after dinner way to much, ahh!  What can I eat?


Here are a few items that satisfy both my sweet and salty tooth.


Snack Better® Sahale Snacks  Glazed nuts – yummy, just make sure you pre-portion them into little snack bags.  I had these in my car as I was starving and it was a good thing there were not many left!


Here are my two favorites!  A nice balance of sweetness with crunch! Plus great amount of healthy fats to help fill you up!  Good fat that sticks to your belly!

sahale snacks SahaleSnacks2


Oh yes!  Almonds with a touch of dark chocolate and the best of all they come in 100 calorie packs! Whoohoo!

ArtiosCAD Plot


Some nutritional highlights – Only 0.5g saturated with 2 g polyunsaturated (healthy) and 5 g monounsaturated (even healthier) plus 2 g fiber; 3 g protein and 20% super antioxidant vitamin E!  This product does contain some artificial sweeteners which I don’t care for but ok in moderate amounts.


Try this filling snack with a ton of protein – soy protein that is!


feng shui

Other types of roasted edamame products that I have tried are not very good and I usually have to choke them down because they are so dry and so unflavorful but this product is actually pretty good!  They seem to be a bit lighter and crispier than other products.  I would probably add a couple of golden raisins to enhance the flavor. 


The awesome thing is – they contain 14 grams of protein for 1/4 cup and only 140 calories!  Low in sodium and good source of fiber, the perfect snack!

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