Most Common Mistakes in Failing New Year’s Resolution

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As we reach day four of the New Year we still may be as motivated as ever to keep up with our new goals but let’s not sabotage your goals just yet.

Here are some most common mistakes we may make when we start new goals.


1) Don’t Deprive: We know that depriving ourselves will only bite us in the butt later – think moderation.  Example:  Sally Sue was at work and a coworker was celebrating a birthday and of course there was chocolate cake, Sally’s favorite.  But Sally knew she was just starting her diet and wanted to be good so she went back to her desk and found a bag of baby carrots.  As Sally ate her carrots she kept thinking about that chocolate cake.  Before she knew it she ate the entire bag of baby carrots and she still wasn’t satisfied.  She still wanted something else . . . before too long she found more goodies in the break room devouring others treats and the cake. 

– Lesson learned – Enjoy celebrations with friends and family and IF you REALLY want that special treat then ask for a TINY piece.  Who cares if they laugh at your miniscule piece of cake – enjoy it in moderation.


2) Don’t Over Exercise:  This first week you may be on a roll with your exercise regimen but don’t over do it the first days.  If do not regularly work out then start out slow. Shoot for 20 to 30 minutes and then maybe next week push your minutes of activity even more.


3) Don’t say “I CAN’T HAVE THAT!” : Turn those positives into negatives and if you think it – you will only want it that much more!


4) If you buy it, you will eat it – so don’t buy it!:  Grrrr . . .I get irritated when I hear “but my family has to have their twinkies,” you mean junk? Develop healthy goals for the entire family! Explore the grocery store and find healthy alternatives such as roasted almonds, dried fruit, fresh fruits or even try a trail mix with nuts, dried fruit and yes, even some chocolate!  Put a bowl of fruit on your table or kitchen counter for easy grab-and-go.  If you see it, you will be more likely to pick it up and eat it.


5) I don’t have time to eat healthy:  Bologna! Even if you have to race through a drive through you can still make some good choices.  Whenever you are surfing the net how about looking up some nutrition facts of your favorite restaurants?  Then when you are in a hurry you will know exactly what to pick off the menu! 


Lastly, it is all about CHOICES!  It is up to you, it is your body and your life.   Think of that nice analogy – think of your body as a car.  Do you put junk in it?  Gallons of soda in your car?  Do you think it would run very good if you did that?

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