Dance your heart out with Dance Central and Just Sweat/Dance!

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Break out the Christmas gifts and start dancing!  We got a Kinnect AND I got Dance Central – if you love to dance and enjoy getting each move right this is your game.  It is super fun but the camera makes sure you get the move down just right.  So if you were a wii player that just moved your arm – so sorry and start moving!  I did the play-by-play mode for each dance step so it took some time but was better prepared when I did the entire song!


So I know you know by now that I enjoy Just Dance and Just Dance 2 – little did I know there is a Just Sweat program!  



As you can see there are three different programs that will motivate you into doing a number of songs each day.  Instead of points it tracks your sweat calories per day and weekly!  My only problem is I forget to put it on Just Sweat mode – I guess I am too impatient and just want to start dancing, so look for that program next time you try it!


Whenever I wake up early and say to myself, “Get your butt up and go exercise!” I think one of the hardest things is pulling myself out of bed and jump right on the treadmill – ugh!  So I decided I would rather do a dance game and THEN get on the treadmill!  I had fun doing a couple dance songs and my energy was up to go run three miles (and I could still work out for an hour and not have to run the entire time)! 


So a New Year – what are your goals?


Maybe you got a new phone for Christmas? Check it out – track your food and exercise on your new phone! This is a great website that is very simple to use and has a ton of foods to choose from for your food log!



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