More Holiday Favorites!

One recipe that I have been making quite a bit lately for people to try is the good ole’ Caramel Apple Salad!

Made with Yoplait caramel parfaits, apples, pineapple and topped with your favorite granola – my personal fav, Nature’s Path! Quick, simple and healthy!  If you can’t find the caramel delights just use Greek yogurt and some caramel flavoring.  Don’t substitute with the chocolate – sorry family!  Smile I guess we learned from Thanksgiving and hope to give it another shot.



Now for the hot holiday product!  It wouldn’t be a party without chips and salsa!  And the winning tortilla chip is Plocky’s!  The favorite salsa is  World Classics Peach & Pineapple salsa!

plockys  salsa-peach 


Now for something to drink!


Steaz zero calorie sparkling green tea drinks are such a great idea!  The health benefits of a green tea in a soda pop, well it is really sparkling water!  Great flavor using all natural sweeteners too.  Fun for the holidays to try something new and won’t break your calorie budget.  Drink a low-calorie drink and save those calories for your holiday favorites!


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