My favorite go-to holiday treats!

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Through all the hustle and bustle of holiday week –its the final countdown, ahh!  You may have your shopping already to go but what food are you going to make? Here are my favorites that are quick, simple and healthy! 


First let’s think about the chocolate group for the holidays!  Ah-ha! 

Chocolate No-Bake Cookies – the perfect little treat that adds a bit of nutrition (lower in sugar & higher in fiber) and your guests won’t even know it! The perfect serving size to satisfy your sweet tooth!


Next, there always needs to be a vegetable tray at every holiday party but sometimes we can get a bit carried away with the dip. Well, this is simplest – yet the yummiest dip (and healthy too – shhh)!

-Take one container (17 oz) plain Greek yogurt and add any seasoning packet you like – my favorite is French onion!

You can eat much more of this dip than any regular veggie dip plus in a 1 cup serving it is 30% of your daily value of calcium! Now, there is no stopping how many veggies you pop in your mouth! Hooray!


french onion


More of my favorites coming tomorrow!!!

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