It’s a Salad in a Wrap!

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I am sure this idea is out there somewhere else but one day after I was fed up with fast food as we traveled home, I thought up this concept.  Ok, so sadly busy mom’s best friend is the drive thru – I just wish there were more healthier options in the drive thru, however I feel we do pretty good for the most part.

I hear people say to me, “Well, I don’t have much money and can only eat off the dollar menu”  or “I don’t have time to eat healthy.”  Excuses, exsmushes – that’s is a bunch of bologna!  I have found there ARE healthy options at fast food – just not that many OR I have found that  you CAN eat a hamburger and French fries, just not the triple double decker for just 1,400 calories!  A small hamburger and fries are okay ever now and then but not every day!

Ok, I am off my rant but I was thinking, gee, salads are so messy to eat in the car, hmm . . . .  I got it – why not shove a salad (veggies, meat, dressing and more)  into large lettuce leaves?  It is basically a large lettuce wrap with just more veggies in it!  So that is exactly what I did and boy it was delightful!

I used large romaine leaves and filled it with organic dark leafy greens.  Then I topped it off with ranch dressing and tomato slices.  In the center if place about three to four ounces of shaved, low-sodium, turkey meat.  Wrap it up!  For easier handling I placed it in wax paper and rolled up.  Then I cut it at an angle.  Place in foil and throw it in your lunch box!  Whoohoo!  I got at least two servings of veggies in for a fast lunch and avoided the mess of a salad.  Get creative, my next wrap I am going to add some sesame seeds, jalapeno crunchers (previous favorite Friday product) and try different dressings – next one is Bolthouse Yogurt Dressing – honey mustard, my fav!

This is so awesome!  Enjoy!

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