New Year’s Resolutions–Any thought?

Yes, I know it is early but have you been thinking about any special changes for the New Year?  Studies have shown it takes about a good month in order for people to begin a new lifestyle.


For me, the New Year involves excitement of a fresh clean slate . . .hmm . . . what would I like to accomplish in 2011?  Health, career, family, etc?  What is it for you?


I guess the big question is – How can you make your life healthier?  Think simple!  We may all have a large goal whether it is losing 50 pounds or running a marathon but how can you make a simple start to that long-term goal?


Maybe it is eating more fruits and vegetables or exercising at least 30 minutes a day – get a calendar for 2011 and schedule it right on the calendar!  Make time for you and your health!


2011 Staples Desk Pad Calendar, 22  x 17

I like a large calendar where I can write it in and see what I have upcoming for the week.  For me I keep the calendar on my frig and write down my running schedule.  Be realistic, plan accordingly to your work and family schedule but also set aside the time from your other duties as well.


You can even slowly start today. . .get ready 2011!!


Go online and find a training schedule if you goal is to run your first road race or increase your time – here are some favorites,,s6-238-0-0-0,00.html