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School Vending Machines Undermine Nutrition – Medlineplus


The recent article above indicates a study reporting student’s poor nutrition relating to vending machine options.    Like any vending machine, the base of wholesome nutrition is definitely lacking as it is filled with “empty” calories full of excess sugar, fat and carbohydrates.

So . . . how do we solve this problem?  Well, at least we can pack some nutritious snacks that provide some major nutrients.  Adults can also do this as well because I will be the vending machines at work, etc are probably the same – lacking nutritious snacks.

Here are some ideas to bust those nutrition downfalls.

  • Go nuts!  Any kind of nut  (or seed)from pistachio to almonds to sunflower seeds – whatever they may be provide protein, iron and healthy fats we just need to keep the portions size in control.  Plus they are easy to take on-the-go!  My new fav roasted pumpkin seeds!  My toddler even loves them!
  • Fruit – Nature’s best packaged snack.  Get creative and try a new fruit!  They even have flavored apples from grape to cherry and I have seen many sliced packaged apples with a little container of caramel!
  • Make your own trail mix!  Add a cereal with at least 5 grams of fiber, add a couple tablespoons of dried fruit maybe some dark chocolate and even some nuts – you and your kids will be not be missing anything from the vending machine!
  • PB&J Taco – Take a high fiber tortilla and spread peanut butter and jelly.
  • Money Bars granola bar – info below
  • Milk and cookies!  This varitey of milk is even shelf stable (just check the box)!  Horizon single serve milk boxes.  Picture below.  Cookies – get a high fiber cookie – Kashi’s below!




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Monkey Bars Granola Bars

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