Favorite Friday Product–Honest Kids

Tired of the same “sugar water” packets that your kids love?   Well here is a great alternative that is low in sugar and made from a variety real juices and just plain old sugar.

Only 40 calories with 100% vitamin C.  Now the second ingredient, after water, is still sugar – so kids don’t go crazy but I still like to feed my kids just basic foods.  It does claim to have no high fructose corn syrup – now I don’t get too overly excited about HFCS but I still think the jury is still out on the proper verdict.  Again when I can go back to the basics – just pure wholesome food is what I like best and this does contain organic sugar.   The next ingredients include, organic grape concentrate, organic grape flavor, organic pomegranate concentrate, organic lemon juice and ascorbic acid.  

My poor daughter always looks at other products like these and wants to buy them but I tell her they are just sugar water.  Now the gullible three-year-old will walk down the aisle and say “Yeah, just sugar water, we don’t like just sugar water.”  Don’t worry she definitely gets her fix on chocolate, donuts and ice cream! Smile 


honest kids

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