Start! Walking and Eating Healthy

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So we missed the boat on National Eat Healthy Day from the American Heart Association last week, on November 3rd but that doesn’t mean we can start it today.    The American Heart Association has some great resources to also join their Start! walking program.   A great way to get start and also your work place!

American Heart Association Start! – for the workplace


Get started at


I have also been in a rut lately working out.  Time and life may get in the way – ONLY if you let it!  With kids sick and not getting enough sleep – my physical activity seems to go first but I know I have to make time for it because I feel better when I do, plus it is a wonderful stress reliever and everyone busy mom.  And I think we all can agree that every women needs her own time!!  It might as well be done when I am burning some calories.


Just remember to do what you can.  My favorite workout activities are going on a walk with my neighbor or playing Just Dance 2 (yeah a new one just came out!) or going for a quick jog on the treadmill.  I have learned I don’t have to run 6 miles anymore for it to count as a “qualified” work out – just even a couple miles is great!  Just even something simple that I can get it done fast! 


What is your regular work out routine?  Or what are your favorite workout activities?  Do what you love and just get moving!

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