Mushroom–The unveiled super food!

I bought some mushrooms yesterday because they were on a great buy and thought they would be perfect in a fresh salad.  The salad with the mushrooms was fantastic but my husband asked me a great question, “Why are mushrooms good for you?”  Mushrooms are WONDERFUL in nutrition!

Mushrooms contain tumor-fighting properties plus provide significant amounts of selenium and riboflavin – both very important for maintaining the body’s detoxification system.  There have also been many studies showing mushrooms help lower blood pressure and even cholesterol!


The other big nutrient that mushrooms contain is vitamin D.  Vitamin D is very popular as more health benefits are being explored.  Not only is vitamin D crucial for maintaining bone health but it has also been shown to be very helpful in supporting a healthy immune system and lowering blood sugar – just to name a few.


Eat up your mushrooms!  I used to not care for this particular food but maybe that was because I didn’t care for them cooked but love eating them fresh!   There are so many varieties to try – so experiment and see what you like!



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