Monthly Archives: November 2010

Taco Dip–Get it for the holidays!

Wow, amazing yummy dip!  Instead of full fat version of layered dips, try this “healthified” dip with avocado, beans, tomatoes… Continue reading »

Restaurant Fake-Out–Applebee’s Oriental Chicken Salad

WOW – this is phenomenal!   Instead of chicken for this week add some leftover turkey and make  a simple salad… Continue reading »

Survival Kit for the Holidays

As the holiday season comes near, we need to remember the real reason for the season.  Yes, turkey day coming… Continue reading »

Favorite Friday Product–Crispy Jalapenos

  These little jalapenos put the WOW in your salad!  Nutritional wise there is nothing too spectacular about the jalapenos… Continue reading »

Coo Coo for Coconut Milk – Drink to your health!

I previously blogged about coconut water now you may be hearing more about coconut milk.  First what is the difference?… Continue reading »

Favorite Friday Product–Plocky’s Tortilla Chips

One of the best tortilla chips EVER!  There are a variety of flavors including, black beans ‘n rice, red beans… Continue reading »

Start! Walking and Eating Healthy

So we missed the boat on National Eat Healthy Day from the American Heart Association last week, on November 3rd… Continue reading »