Monday Motivation – Regroup, rethink, reassess

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We all fall of the track and usually venture on a trail of unhealthy eating where we just don’t care, don’t have time and tell ourselves – “I deserve this because I had a hard day,” etc.


We need to ask ourselves – Why didn’t this work? (Meaning why did you fall off track and not fulfill your goals)

Were your goals too big, too broad, etc?  Let’s break it down super simple!


For this week I want you to develop two and only two goals.  One nutrition goal and one fitness goal.  Both will be extremely basic.


For example:

Fitness – I will walk 20 minutes three times this week.

Nutrition – I will fill half my plate with vegetables at lunch and dinner.


The rest should fall into play.  Once you achieve these goals build up from them – next week walk 30 minutes three times a week and so on.


BREAK IT DOWN, SIMPLY!  Think small!

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