Favorite Friday Product – Powerbar Energy Bites

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PowerBar Energy Bites


Chewy and sweet!  My two favorite combos – yum!  What a great power snack that packs in the

protein and flavor!  And for those endurance athletes – this is a great pick-me-up during those strenuous,

grueling workouts with just the right amount of carbs and even protein!  


Each flavor has different nutrition facts but they are about 300 calories and 11 grams of protein.  The nice thing about this product is you can snack on a couple and reseal the bag and save for later.   If I want a light snack I will just have four (according to oatmeal  raisin flavor –150 calories; 2.5g fat; 26g carbs; 6 protein)


There is even a nice energy bites personalized usage chart that will tell you just how many bites to have according your body and before and/or during exercise.


They are VERY good!

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