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After watching Biggest Loser last night I always love the heart-to-heart part with the doctor where he tells the patients how unhealthy they really are.  As a dietitian, I know the risks for my clients that I screen and try to nicely tell them they are at high risk but sometimes I don’t think they really get it or I am just being too nice.


I would love for my clients to really “get it” and some do but others just blow it off as another number.   I have been searching for some online health risk assessments and here is what I found.


Biggest Loser Health Score – you have to pay $29.99 for it but it does come with an at-home kit to test your cholesterol, etc.  and from there you can let your doctor know your risk factors.  And of course it gives you your inner health “age" that seems to scare everyone to at least make a change.


National Cholesterol Education Program – calculate your 10-year risk

This calculator points out your risk factors for having a heart attack – or how close you are to a heart attack in 10-years.  Great for those that have higher levels of cholesterol and or blood pressure.


Score your diet – Eating Green from Center for Science of Public Interest

Something kind of neat as it rates what you eat!  It does increase your points if you eat more organic and grass fed beef but don’t let that stop you from doing the test.  If you have an overall healthy diet – you can still score a good!


Mayo Clinic Heart Disease Risk Calculator

A super simple calculator assessing age, cholesterol, blood pressure and gender.  The key is to know your scores of your blood levels and to know if you are moderately at risk, at risk or extremely at risk. 



Next step is to do something about your risk factors!  

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