Quick Tips to Eat More! Fruits and veggies that is!

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There are simple ways for your brain to remember to eat more fruits and vegetables!  Super simple, all about tricking the mind.


1.  Place a bowl of fresh fruit on your counter so it is visible! Great for on-the-go!

2.  Keep your veggies at eye level in your refrigerator.  I like to keep all vegetables on one shelf and I always think of them first when I open the fridge.

3.  Place cut of vegetables in snack bags.  Again great for grab-and-go!

4.   Add more veggies to your salad!  Make more appetizing and throw in a variety of onions, peppers, mushrooms and more!  Plus it makes the salad more exciting!

5.  Don’t forget about dried fruits – add them to a simple trail mix!  Go for dried fruits with no added sugar.  I found a new dried fruit fav – Cherry essence pitted prunes – yummy!  They sure satisfy the sweet tooth and full of antioxidants!



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