Pumpkin Whoopi Pies

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Serves 72 cookies.


1 pkg pumpkin spice cookie mix

1 can navy beans



1 pkg pumpkin pie pudding mix

1 cup skim milk

1 (8-oz) container light cool whip



Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Place can of beans (plus water) in a blender and puree.

Add bean puree to cookie mix and blend well.  Drop from spoon onto greased baking sheet.

Bake at 375 degrees for 12 minutes.  Remove to wire rack to cool.


Filling:  Mix all ingredients together and place between two drop cookies.


It is that time of year of again when pumpkin is a popular flavor.  It was this time last year that I saw pumpkin whoopi pies and I thought to myself, “How can I make this healthier?”  Hmmm . . . easy as adding some beans to a pumpkin spice cookie mix.  This is a seasonal product so if you are not able to find it you can use a carrot cake or spice cake mix too and even add a can of pumpkin instead of beans. 


A nice simple way to enjoy to the upcoming fall flavors – the healthy way!

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