My Top Five Grocery Staples for Adding Flavor to my Meals!

1.  Onion (I love red onions) – they make any dish wonderful! Sauté them up or add to a salad – wow, full of flavor and low in calories.  I cannot live without my onions!

Grilled Veggies – past DD recipe

2. Vinegar (any kind, apple cider, red wine, white wine, etc) – Great for any marinade or salad dressing.  A wonderful way to flavor your foods without a lot of calorie or sodium!  This is how I get away from processed items – I use lots of varieties of vinegar

3. Organic lettuces – I am hooked!  Throw some fresh onions, tomatoes and homemade vinaigrette and you have a superb salad!  Seriously these are loaded with lots of flavor!  Yummy! Some blends even have herbs such as parsley and dill added to them!



4. Brown spicy mustard – On a sandwich or just with a slice of low-sodium lunch meat or the binder of my homemade vinaigrette, I think I could squeeze it into my mouth, ok, well maybe, I know that is gross but it is that good!


5. Mrs. Dash Seasoning – You know I love them!  It sure makes a dish.  Again I want something super quick and easy!  Great for the novice cook, I don’t yet know which spices go well with certain foods so this is a no-brainer!

Pulled Chicken – DD recipe

Mrs Dash