Favorite Friday Product – V8 V-Fusion plus Tea

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New – V8 V-Fusion plus tea is a pretty tasty drink!  With a combined serving of 1 fruit and vegetable, it contains a nice blend of antioxidants.  I tried the Pomegranate Green Tea and not being a huge fan of green tea, I really enjoyed it! 

It is only 50% juice but at least you make up the rest with some antioxidants from green tea instead of just sugar water.  An 8-oz serving size contains 50 calories; 0g fat; 60 mg sodium; 200mg potassium; 13g carbs; 10g sugar (coming from natural sugars in fruits and veggies) 10% vitamin A; 100% vitamin C; 2% calcium; 2% iron; 10% vitamin E (wow! – love the vitamin E and C!)


The ingredients are just as great – Water, reconstituted vegetable juice blend (water and concentrated juices of sweet potato, purple carrots, yellow tomatoes, carrots). Reconstituted fruit juice (water and concentrated juices of apples, pomegranates, acai, limes). Contains less than 2% of, natural flavoring, lemon juice concentrate, green tea extract, vitamin C, *sucrolose, vitamin E

*Sucrolose – aka splenda – which I do not care for but it is just a little bit.


The USDA My Pyramid recommends a daily intake of 2 1/2 cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruit for a 2,000 calorie diet and just a serving of this beverage will give you 1/4 cup vegetables and 1/4 cup fruit.


Might be something refreshing to try – check out the variety of flavors!  I can’t wait to try my next flavor!


V8 Juice

V8Juice Facebook page – they have run out of coupons but come back on Monday for a free sample coupon!

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