Favorite Friday Product – Mendota Sparkling Water

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One thing that I crave is a soda!  Lately, I notice I have been getting headaches after I drink a diet soda which I have found this effect from Splenda but not aspartame which is in most diet sodas.  I have been searching for a healthier replacement for a carbonated beverage.


I think my quest has ended with Mendota Sparkling Water.  Wow, very good.  I have tried other sparkling waters and they usually stay in my fridge for a couple of months because I make myself drink them.  Now I realize sparkling water is a little difficult for dedicated pop lovers so it may take some time to enjoy this drink.


I like this product because the ingredients are carbonated water and natural lemon flavor and that is it!  It contains zero calories and zero on everything else – sugar, carbs and sodium.

This product comes in a 12-pack of cans and a 6-pack of 20-oz bottles.  I have not yet tried the lime but hear it is also very good.  The price for a 6-pack of 20-oz bottles is about $2.66.  It is actually cheaper than soda, when it is not on sale.


Overall, the product helps me satisfy my “soda craving” as I am becoming soda free and drinking more and more water.


Another little trick I tried is adding a packet of True Orange into this lemon sparkling water.  ALMOST like an orange soda, almost! 


true orange


True Orange is 100% natural made up of pure crystallized orange. This product also comes in other flavors such as lemon and lime but orange is my favorite!  True Lemon website

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