Simple Summer Grilled BBQ Chicken – grilled veggies too!

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Nothing like barbeque chicken on the grill that screams summer! I was craving some barbeque when I saw my thawed chicken breasts in the frig.   Hmm . . . now I look on the back of the barbeque sauce bottle and see wow, there is quite a bit of calories and SUGAR in just a serving!  Ok, so we won’t go crazy with the sauce but what else can I add to give it some flavor too! 


What do you think I turned to?  Yes, my good ole Mrs. Dash Chipotle seasoning (you probably think I own stock in it but I don’t!).  This seasoning is just so simple for me to use.  I am not a chef and never know what seasoning go well with different foods.  I think this seasoning contains a great blend of my favorite spices – with a little kick – that it is idiot-proof for the novice cook like me.


So here is what I did –

I marinated the large chicken breasts with a little bit of barbeque sauce and then added a good palm-ful of the seasoning.  Let the chicken breasts hang out while the grill heats up and while I cut my veggies for the grill too.  The sweet and the spiciness of seasoning and sauce was a true marriage – wow!





Here is the pan I used and put it right in my gas grill.  I do line it with foil because I like to marinate my veggies first.  Super simple – cut up an vegetables that you like. My favorites are yellow squash, red bell pepper, red onion (or like my daughter says purple onion), and green bell pepper! 

Last night I bought a package of pre-cut mushrooms, cut up half a red pepper, half a red onion and one sweet potato (need to make these thin to cook evenly with the rest of the veggies) and I drizzled garlic infused olive oil, raspberry vinegar and little bit of the chipotle seasoning to go along with the meat marinade. 

When you are cutting up your veggies don’t take your time, make them in large chunks so you can bite into some flavor!  Make it quick and do a rustic chop through your veggies.  I need to buy some little new potatoes and throw them in the grill pan too! Yummy!  I can eat so healthy when I grill and it tastes amazing when you dress plan ole chicken and vegetables up – I just love it!

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