Take the Baby Weight Off!

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So as I have been trying to take more baby weight off and get back into my “pre-baby” body I have been trying to make some better choices in my lifestyle such as drinking more water, choosing better snacks, exercising more and so on.  I have been finding that it is hard, takes time and involves some planning.  I have fully support the saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”   That is so true.  I find myself falling off track when I don’t know what the next thing I am going to eat when I am ravenously hungry!   Give me some food and I will eat the nearest thing in sight (watch out hubby!).

So, like I tell my clients – get some protein and fiber to help fill you up and remember to drink your water.  Easier said than done, haha!  I am pretty adamant about finding new solutions to  problems instead of giving up.  I think I have finally found some ways to help me “walk the walk” instead just all “talk the talk”.


PROBLEM 1: Getting in at least 64 ounces of water

   SOLUTION:  I know I may look a little funny with this huge jug of water but it sure helps me drink water continuously. I was finding that I was being too lazy to fill up my container so why not fill it up only once!  I also have given myself the task of filling it up each night before I go to bed.  When I wake up (which we are all dehydrated when we wake up in the morning anyway) the first thing I will do is go to the fridge and drink some cold water – again just too lazy to do that first thing when I wake up coffee – for some reason coffee is easier?  I need to get hydrated first and then I can have some coffee or other beverage, decaf that is.

water bottle


PROBLEM 2:  Snacks – I always some something sweet, salty – you name it I want it! 

   SOLUTION:  Frozen cashews!  I know, weird huh but very good!  I bought the lightly salted cashews and put them in the freezer so they would not turn rancid and this past weekend I pulled them out of the freezer, grabbed a handful and oh my!  They almost satisfy a sweet tooth too!  They are salty, crunchy and sweet – plus the fat and protein they contain will keep me full longer! I know what you are saying – you can eat the whole container! Yes, look below.



PROBLEM 3:  Eating too much of the good stuff – portion size way too big!

   SOLUTION:  Keep your digital scale on the kitchen counter and weigh EVERYTHING!  I weigh out my nuts, fruit, meat – you name it – I weight it!  Everything except for liquids, I just measure out.  I used to just measure out different foods and I would always find myself filling the 1/4 cup-size to the the brim, almost overflowing, thinking a little more won’t hurt.  Well honey, a little more sure adds up (especially when it comes to nuts)!  I set out time each week to weigh out a bunch of nuts and put them into little snack-size bags and place in my cupboard and when I am hungry I go straight to my little baggies.  See why you have to plan!



I know these things are very elementary but sometimes you just need to hear it again!  Try them out and hopefully they work for you too!

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