Monday Motivation – Feel good, look good – inside and out!

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How many minutes/hours do you spend getting yourself ready in the morning?  How much money do you spend on clothes, manicures, pedicures, tanning, etc?


Now, how many minutes/hours do you exercise each week?  How much money do you spend on healthy foods (and eating healthy CAN be done on a budget, believe me – I have done it many times!)


My point is, if you feel it is important to make yourself look good on the outside why are you not taking the time to make yourself “look good” on the inside?  The way you “look” inside is just as important, if not more important. 


I have had many people say, “But I don’t like to exercise!”  And then I find them starting up a program and losing over 50 pounds and then they tell me, “I can’t live without my exercise. I have more energy and it makes me feel good inside!”  IT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD INSIDE!


Right now in my life, I really don’t have time to exercise but I MAKE time!  I have scaled down my goals of exercise to just 30 minutes – instead of thinking I have to exercise at least an hour. I know if I just get myself moving I am doing my body good!

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