Monday Motivation – Log It, Blog It, Post It!

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Studies have shown great research behind logging your food in a journal for successful weight loss. Many times we get overwhelmed with such a task that  we may take great notes for a day or two and then we go out to eat or eat a different food out of the ordinary and this puts a bump in our meal plan.  We may not know the calories and therefore quit logging our food in our journal altogether or don’t find the time to look everything up without being a dietitian (I still look stuff up to make sure).

Well, to make things a bit easier there are many websites out there to help make logging your food a bit easier, actually much easier!  I have been playing around with a few websites and found a couple to be very user-friendly. – Probably my number one pick because it is very easy to read and it has a great database of foods, including many restaurant too.

Highlighted features:

  • Easy food  and exercise tracker
  • Weigh in log chart (awesome to see your progress through the weeks)
  • Use via mobile
  • News feed summary like facebook – helps keep me going!
  • Include a personal blog to your friends through this website (haven’t messed around with it much but very neat to report your progress and build a community with your friends you invite through the website)
  • Message board – again forming a community

Another favorite website I keep track on is

Here are some of my favorite features:

  • Meal plans – if you don’t know what to eat to follow your recommended calories, they have the work all done for you!  If you don’t like a certain food item in the suggested meal plan just click on it and find something else – very cool!
  • A ton of fitness videos to help you trim your waistline and pump some iron plus nutrition cooking videos with Chef Meg
  • Awesome they have a dedicated “Motivational” sectional with a number of articles to read, including some great success stories
  • Recipe, recipes and more healthy recipes!

Start logging and get motivated!

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