Monday Motivation – Get your life in balance

Do you ever start off your day eating very well and then by the end of the day eating healthfully is thrown out the window?  Maybe this happened because of the stresses in your life such as not meeting the deadline at work and you  had to stay extra hours or the air conditioner stopped working at home.  Whatever the stress is in your life it may be pulling you away from eating healthy.

We find comfort in food and if you are like me – I will treat myself with food if I stayed up late with kids and did not get ANY sleep or if I had a bad day at work or if my house is a mess and so on.  These are things that put on extra added stress in my life, therefore I find my eating habits to be not up to par.  I had this epiphany this weekend as I was saying to myself, “I always start the day out eating right and then it comes later in the day or it comes the weekend and I fall off my eating plan. ”  Yes, even dietitians fall off track (but I feel this makes me a better dietitian because I can relate to my clients) – no one is perfect.

My point for today is to ask yourself this question.  Is my life in balance?  Your weight may be the underlying factor – what are you really hiding?  You may be overweight because you say you love food but look into your life a bit more.  Are there any stresses in your life?

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