Super Food Smoothie for a Super You!

Serves 2.

1 container of frozen pineapple juice, thawed
1/2 cup water
1 cup mixed frozen berries
1 cup ice cubes
2 containers of baby food sweet potatoes
1 large bunch of wheat grass

1. Place pineapple juice, water, berries, ice
cubes and baby food in a blender.
2. Cut a bunch of wheat grass and snip with a
scissors, very finely into the blender mixture.
3. Blend all ingredients together until smooth.



Don’t be scared of the green stuff!  It is called wheat grass and is loaded with antioxidants.  If you hid it in this smoothie – you won’t even know it is there.  It contains a variety of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and helpful enzymes for digestion.  Below is a nice comparison chart on the levels of minerals and vitamins – comparing them to spinach and broccoli, some other super foods.  Many people use wheat grass for detoxification but their is limited dated to support that claim.  But if you feel better using this item – then why not?  Plus I think it is just beautiful – such a nice fresh plant to have in your home.


wheat grass

Wheat grass



Nutrient comparison of 1 oz (28.35 g) of wheatgrass juice, broccoli and spinach.

Nutrient Wheat Grass Broccoli Spinach
Protein 860mg 800mg 810mg
Beta-Carotene 120 IU 177 IU 2658 IU
Vitamin E 880 mcg 220mcg 580mcg
Vitamin C 1mg 25.3mg 8mg
Phosphorus 21mg 19mg 14mg
Magnesium 8mg 6mg 22mg
Calcium 7.2mg 13mg 28mg
Iron 0.66mg 0.21mg 0.77mg
Potassium 42mg 90mg 158mg

Data on broccoli and spinach from USDA database.[5]Data on Wheatgrass juice from indoor grown wheatgrass.[2]

Here is the other recipe on the video clip as well.

Fresh Mango Smoothie
Serves 2.

1 fresh mango, peeled and cubed
1 container (6 oz) Stonyfield Farm™ organic low-fat vanilla yogurt
2 tbsp orange juice

Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth.
Serve immediately.

Daily nutritional values: 25% vitamin A 60% vitamin
C 10% calcium 0% iron Nutrition information per serving:
Calories: 160 Carbohydrate: 36 g Cholesterol: 5 mg Dietary Fiber: 2 g Fat: 1.5 g Protein: 3 g
Sodium: 40 mg Sugar: 29 g Trans fats: 0 g

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