Favorite Friday Product – Mom’s Natural Cereals

Mom's Best® All Natural Cereal

Mom’s Best Natural Cereals!

There’s nothing artificial, no added saturated fat or hydrogenated oils.

  • Made with real honey
  • Made with whole grain per serving
  • Naturally low fat
  • 0g trans fat per serving

Here is their mission: We put the highest quality into our cereals while keeping costs as low as possible. Our commitment to you goes beyond the natural goodness of our cereal. We strive to make choices that benefit families, enhance our communities and sustain the environment.  Mom’s Best Cereals


I absolutely LOVE their cereals!  I buy them all the time. You may ask why?

1) Because I can read all the ingredients in the listing.  2) Because they are bargain!   You can get a huge box for a little over $2 (not on sale).  They have all the varieties that you would want including – honey nut toasty o’s, raisin bran, sweetened wheatfuls, toasted wheatfuls, mallow oats, oats and honey blend, honey-ful wheat, honey grahams, toasted cinnamon squares and also a variety of oatmeal. 


An all-American Midwest company that has passed down the business to family members for four generations plus they support renewable energy. 100% of the electricity is generated from Windsource®, a US registered trademark of Xcel Energy Inc.  They also have active programs to reduce energy and minimize water use at their plant. Wow, even if you haven’t tried them before you will want to support their commitment toward renewable resources.   Knowing they still are able to offer a phenomenal product that tastes great and won’t break your budget – what more could you ask for?

I love feeding my kids wholesome cereals without all the “junk” -  minimal ingredients listed and made with whole grains.


Give them a try!