Things You Need To Know About Losing Weight

Here are some videos on some solid info about losing weight.  There are actually seven mini episodes, I have posted just a couple.   I couldn’t stop watching once I started.  Very, very interesting and from my experience I agree!  I have come across many Debbies and many Bryans in my career, those needing to lose weight and having a difficult time.  This series includes some great info about the latest discoveries in losing weight.  Here are some of the simplest ways to shed pounds without starving.


Things you need to know about losing weight VIDEO 1


HOT TIP from Video 2:

Ghrelin – the signal to the brain that says, “Feed ME!”  When you are extremely hungry, ghrelin is high and makes your body crave high calorie foods!  So don’t skip meals and eat every 3 to 4 hours.

– Scale down to a smaller plate size


htThings you need to know about losing weight VIDEO 2


HOT TIP from Video 3:

This lady has tried every diet in the book and cannot lose weight.  She thinks, “It must be my metabolism.”   To find out she has actually overestimated her caloric intake.  Sorry, but I hear this all time – I don’t eat much food!”  “This is all I eat!”  I have also done many metabolic screenings and found normal results on many people like Debbie. The problem for many people is overestimating caloric intake for the day.  It all adds up and many people write down only half of what they are really eating. So you ask, how do you go about overcoming this?  Just wait, I will post some food logs to help!  Or just wait for my book I want to get published . . . someday, ha, ha! 


I would love to get the water that tells you how many calories you eat in a day – so interesting!


Things you need to know about losing weight VIDEO 3



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