Top Ten Ways to Tell if a Diet is a Fraud

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10.  If the diet requests only liquids, no food.

9.  If the diet focuses on one food group (example – eat only protein)

8.  If the diet limits a food group (example – do not eat dairy)

7.  If the diet promises that you will lose at least 5 to 10 pounds in a week

6.  If the diet lists results not typical (come on, it screams it won’t happen to you)

5  If the diet is based only on supplements (example – take these pills or liquid supplement and only these  and you will lose weight!  No need to change your diet.)

4. If the diet has you buying their food supplements (if you have to purchase any shakes, smoothies or bars – it may work for awhile but you will get sick of eating the same thing plus they are costing you fortune!)

3. If the diet promises no exercise or limited amounts – only 3 minutes of exercise a day! (Exercise is good for you! It is not a bad thing – it keeps you living longer!  There is always that 90-year old lady that exercises everyday)

2. If the diet has you fast or involves any cleanse. 

1. If it sounds too good to be true – then it probably is too good to be true!


Yes, you may lose weight on any of these for awhile but think LONG TERM. Are they maintainable? Is someone making a fortune off of you?  Is it a long term weight loss?  Is it a lifestyle?  Can you do this everyday of your life?


I am sorry I am here to tell you, losing weight is hard work. You have to have the desire and time to lose weight – making a lifestyle change.

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