Shake Weight – Worth it?

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Of course like any info commercial, they sure do try to sell their product and the question you ask is, “Does it really work?”  Hearing that in just six minutes a day you can have definition in your biceps, triceps and deltoids – sounds too good to be true.  I had some faith in this product from mechanics of the weight but still unsure, hmm . . . .


So, I was walking into Walgreens and there it was.   My first thought was the appearance looked a little cheap and I tried to see if I could shake it in the box, duh, not so much.  I am going to get it!  Wait!  Let me do some research, I can’t spend $20 on this?!  Or can I? 

Well after talking to a family member who also got one and hearing good reviews I thought I would finally get one with the help of some coupons, making it 60% off.  Plus, now that I am even more busy with two kids, I barely have enough time to brush my teeth.  I thought, why not treat myself and make me feel better about my arms.  For past couple of months my anaerobic workout consisted carrying a 28 pound kid – which can be a lot, especially up and downstairs while you are pregnant!

I thought I would try it and if I didn’t like it I would take it back.  The first couple of times, I didn’t have much time but I tried it and then put it down. I could feel something afterward.  Now I have it on my kitchen counter and when I am making dinner I use it just for a bit.  I can really feel the burn in my deltoids, triceps and biceps.   Now I just need to use it more!   I will not let it be a dust collector – I will keep you posted on the workouts. 


Now I feel like I can get in a good 35 minute run and a little weights with the help of the shake weight.  A good little workout done in the morning after getting back on track after baby.


Overall a good workout, I will use it more than my free weights but I will also use them some so my muscles do not get used to it.  Free weights are still great, especially when you hold your muscle count and feel the burn. Shake weight is great for making it a little more fun and saving a bit of time.


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